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Test benches for aerospace fluidic systems and components

We are experienced professionals in the design of test benches for fluidic systems and components with aeronautical applications. We are familiar with the use of special fluids such as MIL-H, MIL-PRF, Skydrol, water-glycol and many others.

For aircraft manufacturers, we design hydraulic test benches and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to test the hydraulic system of aircraft, consisting of hydraulic power units and portable consoles integrated into the customer’s hangar.

The products we supply to manufacturers of hydraulic components with aeronautical applications or example include:

  • Test benches for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators
  • Impulse test benches with or without thermostatic chambers (between -65°C and +250°C)
  • Burst test benches with or without thermostatic chambers
  • Universal test benches for components such as valves and actuators
  • Test benches for landing gear actuation system

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Testing of systems and fluidic components