After sales

During the life cycle of the test bench, Test Industry supports its customers with a team of highly specialised technicians.

We are committed every day to guaranteeing a quick and effective after-sales service on our test benches. We offer support by phone, e-mail, remote connection and through on-site visits by our staff and partners around the world. 

In addition, to ensure test benches that are always functioning and to reduce MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), we provide specific services for every requirement, including maintenance and calibration, training, retrofit and updating of the machine park.

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Technical assistance

For us at Test Industry, a fast and effective technical assistance service is essential to support the very high production rhythms of the customers who use our test benches.

The Test Industry machines and systems are made with software that constantly monitor the conditions of the system. Thanks to the remote assistance it is possible to quickly resolve most of the risk situations.


  • Remote assistance service by connecting the test bench to an Internet connection
  • Augmented reality assistance (A.R.) through the use of Smart Glasses
  • On-site visits by our specialised technicians dedicated to checking the status of the test benches, machinery maintenance, oil contamination analysis, diagnosis, corrective actions and much more besides
  • Calibration of analogue measuring instruments and of their respective electrical chains
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Training on use and maintenance
  • Test benches update and upgrade

Service and maintenance contracts

Our service and maintenance contracts, both standard and customisable, are designed to adapt to the needs of each individual customer.

It is possible to include many services in the contracts including on-site visits for assistance and maintenance, calibration services, a number of hours for remote assistance, R.A. and much more besides.


  • Waiting list priority
  • 25% discount on the Federtec tables hourly rates in force for on-site interventions
  • 20% reserved discount on the supply of spare parts

Augmented Reality service

The A.R. service allows our Customer Service to remotely manage various troubleshooting, inspection, repair and maintenance operations remotely, allowing for a reduction of up to 75% in machine downtime.

The technician wears the Smart Glasses, while our team guides them step by step remotely in real time, providing detailed audio and video instructions.

Our Smart Glasses are supplied already configured and equipped with the necessary software to immediately start benefiting from the service. Simply connect the device to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access and scan the QR code through the dedicated app.


Spare parts

It is possible to find the codes of all the necessary spare parts in the documentation delivered with the bench (diagrams and manuals). Using the dedicated form, you can quickly request a quote for the spare parts required.



The test benches of the Test Industry brands are characterised by their durability and robustness. Our Group boasts machines that have been in service for over twenty years.

To extend the life and to improve the reliability of the testing machinery, it is possible to request an update of the hardware and software systems, updating of the safety systems, as well as replacement of all the worn components of the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system. .



In the world of work, roles and people change rapidly. To keep our customers’ staff up-to-date, at Test Industry we offer fully customisable training packages to educate and train employees and operators on the use and maintenance of test benches.

The training can cover a variety of topics based on the staff it targets, including:

  • Basic procedures for safe use of the test bench
  • Procedures relating to periodic maintenance of the testing machinery
  • Advanced use of the software for the creation of recipes and manual management of the system


  • On-site training: at the customer's plant, at the time of commissioning a new bench or, later, for operator updating
  • Remote Training: conveniently usable from anywhere in the world, with agreed times to be able to accommodate the customer's time-zones

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