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Test benches for transmissions and aerospace mechanical components

Test Industry supplies test benches for transmissions and aeronautical components. Our products are the perfect solution for aircraft builders and mechanical component manufacturers with aeronautical applications. Thanks to careful design and maximum customisation, Test Industry’s test benches for transmissions and aerospace components are the best offer for the mechanical and technical testing of these elements.

Among the projects dedicated to OEMs, we have experience in:

  • Test benches for functional tests on helicopter gearboxes (Main, Intermediate and Tail Gearbox – MGB, IGB and TGB)
  • Laboratory test benches with or without tilting table for transmissions testing
  • Test benches for Auxiliary Gearbox (AGB) for aircraft

Among the aeronautical mechanical components, we can supply for example:

  • Test benches for ball recirculating screws
  • Test benches for mechanical and electromechanical actuators
  • Brake test benches for landing gear

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Testing of transmissions and mechanical components