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Testing benches for wheels

We offer a complete range of test benches for in-line inspection and laboratory tests, designed for manufacturers of alloy and steel wheels with various applications. For the wheels of motorcycles, cars, light and heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery, earthmoving and aerospace, the Test Industry test benches allow in-depth tests for the highest quality of products.

Among the end-of-line test benches, we offer automatic and semi-automatic machines for:

  • Dimensional control (Run Out and Harmonics) with Low Point marking
  • Dimensional check of discs before assembly with the steel rim, or dimensional check of steel rims before assembly with the disc
  • Unbalance measurement (static and dynamic) with marking
  • Helium leak test for alloy rims
  • Air tightness test steel rims to search for cracks

The laboratory test benches include:

  • Cornering fatigue test
  • Run out and unbalance full measurement machine
  • Impact test
  • Radial fatigue test
  • Biaxial with internal drum
  • Multiaxial

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Wheel test benches