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Leak and flushing test benches

Leak and flushing test benches

The Leonardo brand offers a wide range of air or helium leak test benches, which can be customised according to the production needs of the individual customer. Test Industry is in fact able to supply benches with manual loading-unloading and double-station benches with integrated automatic loading-unloading system, supplied with various types of markers, with possible accessory systems for inspections, dimensional and functional checks.

We also offer a full line of instruments suitable for leak detection tests, flow tests and volumetric tests, which are used in the production of test benches and industrial machines. Several product lines are available to perform measurements on systems and components, to detect leaks of air, tracer gases, water and oil.

The principles applied include leak detection through filling and pressure drop, through flow measurement, volumetric testing, tracer gas testing and ultrasonic testing.

Automotive components

The Test Industry’s leak test benches are the ideal solution for testing cylinder heads, engine blocks and sub engine blocks, covers and casings, gearbox and clutch boxes, turbines, heat exchangers and other components in the automotive sector.

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Hydraulic components

We provide leak test benches for casings and sleeves for valves, castings for distributors, filters, pump bodies and components used in hydraulics.

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Rims and wheels

For the testing of steel rims and alloy rims, Test Industry offers leak test benches designed, manufactured and tested at the factory of Leonardo, one of the Group’s international brands. 

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