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Burst test benches

Burst test benches

The Test Industry catalogue, thanks to the Bimal brand, includes a wide range of standard test benches dedicated to burst tests, also capable of performing leak tests, static pressurisation and measurement of length variations.

The Bimal burst test benches can be used for tests from pressures of a few bars up to a maximum of 6000 bars, with the ability to control the temperature of the test fluid or that of the environment through the use of thermostatic chambers.

Hydraulic components

In the hydraulic sector, burst tests are carried out on flexible and rigid pipes, but also on fittings, quick couplings, valves and on other components for installations on agricultural or earth moving machinery or in other industrial applications.

The main feature of the Bimal burst test benches lies in the ability to generate controlled pressure ramps in accordance with the international standards.

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Automotive components

Our burst test benches can also use special fluids typical of the automotive sector, for example fluid for cooling systems, antifreeze fluids or engine oil. Furthermore, they can be coupled with impulse tests and equipped with thermostatic chambers to carry out burst tests at temperatures of up to 250°C.

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Aerospace components

Aviation components may also require burst tests with typically aviation fluids, such as MIL-H/MIL-PRF, and can be coupled with impulse tests in the same machine.

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