Corporate mission and values

We provide test benches to improve products on the market and encourage the dissemination of the culture of testing

The main purpose of our Group is to stimulate the market in the supply of durable and safe products thanks to the use of top quality industrial test benches. They are tools designed with care to meet individual professional needs and offer a high technological and quality content, as well as reliability and precision.



They are at the centre of our company and move every single gear of it. We want to value their initiative, the freedom to express themselves and to make mistakes with their own qualities and defects.



We allow everyone to express themselves with creativity, bringing original contributions, solutions and innovative ideas. Only in this way can we set out on unexplored paths, guided by experience and common sense.



It is the value that guides our work and that makes Test Industry industrial test benches reliable and safe. The highest quality of our products, the result of cutting-edge technologies, fluid processes and a dynamic and constantly evolving professional environment.



We constantly invest in the development of soft and hard skills to stimulate new ideas and to encourage the desire to get involved. In this way everyone can enhance their own technical and human competence.

“Once upon a time workers were not servants. They worked. They cultivated honourable things, completely honourable, which suits them. The leg of a chair had to be well made. It was natural, it was intended. It was first place. It did not need to be well made for the money, or the quality proportional to what they earn. It did not need to be well made for the master, neither for the experts nor for the master’s clients. It had to be well made for no other reason other than for itself, for its very nature. A tradition that came from the depths of the race, a history, an absolute, an honour demanded that the leg be well made. And every part of the chair that could not be seen was worked with the same perfection as the parts that could be seen. According to the same principle as cathedrals.”

Charles Peguy, “L’argent” - Cahiers de la quinzaine, 1913.


Test Industry was created to achieve a clear and precise purpose: to become a point of reference in the testing sector and a leading company in the assembly of industrial test benches at an international level. 

Our business strategy translates into three main lines of development:

  • Organic growth of the companies that join the Group, applying and developing synergies at a structural level, reorganising the existing resources in each plant and creating a modern and efficient organisation.
  • Targeted and precise acquisitions, which pursue the fundamental purpose of the Group: to be an international reference point in the production of end-of-line or laboratory test benches.
  • Growth through the development of new business lines with innovative products and a look towards new industrial sectors.

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