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Test benches for automotive fluidic components

The Test Industry product catalogue includes many test benches dedicated to the testing of subsystems and fluidic components with automotive applications. We provide solutions dedicated to all professionals in the sector with standard or customised products to meet the most technical and special requirements.

These include, for example, test benches for automotive fluidic components dedicated to the testing of:

  • Hydrostatic pumps, motors and transmissions
  • Valves, distributors and manifolds
  • Traditional and Steer-By-Wire power steering
  • Radiators, exchangers, pumps and other components of the cooling circuit
  • Pipes, filters, pumps and other components of the lubrication circuit
  • Components of the air conditioning circuit
  • Valve body

Types of benches in the catalogue include:

  • Benches for functional tests at the end of the production line
  • Laboratory test benches, including impulse benches and burst benches
  • Endurance test benches
  • Leak test benches
  • Dimensional control benches

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