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Foundries and mechanical processing

Test benches for mechanical processing and foundries

The Leonardo brand is a supplier of test benches for many aluminium foundries and workshops for mechanical machining producing die-cast components.

To this category of companies, Test Industry offers a wide range of machines dedicated to leak testing and dimensional control at the end of the line.

The components tested by our machines include:

  • Automotive components, such as cylinder heads, engine boxes, gearboxes, steering boxes
  • Hydraulic components, such as valves and actuators
  • Gears
  • Structural components such as supports and struts

There are various types of leak test benches for mechanical processing:

  • Air tightness due to pressure drop
  • Helium leak for very small losses
  • Leak combined with flushing measurement for obstruction of holes
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The benches dedicated to dimensional control can integrate various types of gauges depending on the application and the required precision.

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Test benches for mechanical machining and foundries