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Test benches for hoses, fittings and quick couplings

Among the test benches dedicated to hoses, rigid pipes and fittings, we offer a wide range of standard benches, designed in compliance with the international standards.

Our benches can perform:

  • Impulse pressure tests, with or without climatic chamber
  • Impulse tests with vibration
  • Bursting
  • Production tests with static pressure seal
Discover the Impulse Test Benches

For the testing of quick couplings and multi-coupling plates, we have designed test benches for:

  • Characterisation tests (pressure drop)
  • Surge flow (long duration and short duration)
  • Impulse pressure tests
  • Flushing and sealing
  • Static pressurisation
  • Bursting
Discover the Burst test benches

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Testing of hoses, fittings and quick couplings