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Motor and pump test benches

Since 1990 we have delivered a large number of test benches for  hydraulic pumps and motors intended for numerous international manufacturers.

With our test benches for hydraulic pumps and motors it is possible to test different components, such as:

  • Gear pumps and motors
  • Piston pumps and motors
  • Vane pumps and motors
  • Orbital motors
  • Wheel motors
  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Gearmotors
  • Water pumps for automotive applications

Test benches for motors and pumps can have different purposes:

  • Production test benches: depending on the customer’s requirements, they can be customised with systems that help reduce takt-time and speed up the piece change activities. For gear pumps, we also offer the TBP series standard bench solution, designed based on our experience in this field.
  • Laboratory test benches: they are used to test the component at maximum performance and are designed to reach and withstand very high pressures and flow rates.
  • Endurance test benches: they can perform cyclical tests that subject pumps and motors to various levels of intermittent load. Where applicable, the test benches are equipped with suitable energy recovery systems.
  • Tightness test benches and impulse test benches on pump/motor bodies: to test the tightness of castings with static pressurisation or with pulsating pressure tests.

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