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Impulse test benches

Impulse test benches

The Bimal brand is a technological leader in the impulse test benches sector and offers the widest range of standard solutions for numerous types of components and applications.

Our impulse machines can range from test pressures from a few to over 2,000 bar, at room temperature, with conditioning of the test fluid temperature and/or ambient temperature.

In the hydraulic sector, it is possible to impulse-test pipes and fittings, quick couplings, valves and many other components for their installation on agricultural or earthmoving machinery or in industrial applications.

Hydraulic components

The most requested waveforms are square wave and peak wave in compliance with the international reference standards. Test Industry also offers test benches on standard hydraulic components for dynamic impulse tests in Half-Omega or Omega mode and impulse and vibration tests.

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Automotive components

The automotive sector often involves product testing based on regulations and specifications dictated by car manufacturers. Our test benches can use special fluids typical of this industry, including fluids for cooling systems, brake fluids, antifreeze fluids such as glycol and other mixtures.

Our range of standard test benches also includes models equipped with thermostatic chambers to perform the impulse test at temperatures between -65 and 250°C.

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Aerospace components

Components used for aerospace applications need to be impulse tested with specific fluids, such as Skydrol or MIL-H/MIL-PRF. Our standard catalogue contains impulse test benches designed specifically for the specific needs of the aerospace sector, also including the possibility of testing aeronautical components at very low (down to -65°C) or very high (up to 250°C) temperatures, with static or dynamic tests.

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