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Endurance and laboratory test benches

Endurance and laboratory test benches

The endurance and laboratory test benches are intended for the R&D departments of OEMs of vehicles and component products with specific fields of application.

The know-how of the Test Industry brands allows the development of innovative, high-tech and fully customisable laboratory test benches.

Laboratory testing is a necessary activity to test the component even beyond its maximum performance. The Test Industry endurance test benches are designed with the best components on the market, to withstand and last despite the high stresses.

Our laboratory test benches can include:

  • Wear test of the component, with cyclic tests of fatigue and static or dynamic resistance
  • Product performance characterisation and verification tests, also coupled with wear tests
  • Tests with tilting tables to verify the compliance of the components with movement, often applied to the testing of automotive and aeronautical transmissions
  • Tests in a thermostatic or climatic chamber aimed at verifying the wear of the component, even at very low or very high temperatures (-65°C/+ 250°C) and with possible control of the humidity level
  • Endurance benches for tires of different sizes applicable to all categories from motorcycles to OTR, available in different solutions with single or multiple station, high or low speed
  • Fatigue benches for the entire range of rims that comply with all the international standards and include all types of tests such as: CFT, RFT, Biaxial

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